Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where should we get married? (the venue part 2)

After the Crawford's Barn disaster I asked Casey to find a place for us to look at for the wedding. On a quick trip to the grocery store Casey saw his choice for a place and was on the phone that morning to make an appointment. That afternoon Casey, his mom, and I were getting the grand tour of the Lockeford Inn, a bed and breakfast which had been restored for over six years before it was opened to the public. It was beautiful both inside and out with classically decorated rooms and a garden that was overflowing with flowers even in December. Most of all we loved Lori the wonderfully adorable inn proprietor who was an amazing story teller and seemed truly interested in who we were and all of our wedding plans. Unfortunately there was a problem we just couldn't get past, both the ceremony and reception had to be held outside and there was no other choice. With a late April wedding we were more than a little worried about a rainy day and unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the Lockeford Inn.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lets Have a Barn Wedding

Casey and I knew right away that we wanted a rustic wedding and with a little google searching we found Crawford's Barn. The pictures online were wonderful and I was honestly tempted to put down a deposit without even seeing the place... I didn't end up putting the deposit down over the phone and waited to try to check the place out while were home for the holidays. Only two days before Casey and I were scheduled to drive home we decided to go take a "quick" look at a few of the places we were interested in. Of course, the barn was the first place we went to and I think we were all in shock as we drove past. There no parking lot, no fence in sight, and we were only a stones throw from the light rail, it was awful! To say the least we left and I was back to square one on the wedding venue.

A little Lapel Love

Since I have been on a flower kick as you can probably tell from my last post I have also been looking at boutonnieres for Casey and the boys. Three is one problem though I just cannot get a mental picture of Casey wearing a flower... Just saying it out loud makes me giggle. Chances are Casey James will end up wearing a flower but I figured it couldn't hurt to just look for non-flower options.

Interesting if nothing else right? If you are interested there are more that can viewed at: