Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Since Casey was away this weekend I had most of the weekend to myself which in my eyes meant wedding crafts galore!

The first thing I wanted and needed to get done was the sample invitation for my mom, which I quickly found out was going to be harder than I thought. The printing of inserts (maps, rsvp, ect.) was a huge pain with my walmart printer and tiny little rsvp cards.

Yes I blurred the image of my mess because I have to keep some things a secret! I started off wanting to only print a sample for my mom but it was so much work to get everything lined up that I just printed them all (since they were already lined up)!

I also worked on a few smaller projects like the basket of flips flops for the ladies to wear when their shoes get uncomfie.

I also took this picture of me looking happy with long hair I have been growing out for the wedding which is now a daily reminder that the wedding is growing closer day by day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have I mentioned I like cake?

Unfortunately planning for our big day has taken a back burner to planning for my finals (all of which are now completed). I was lucky enough to have a week long break when Casey's family came to visit us and almost as exciting as having visitors out here in the wilderness of Montana they brought CAKE SAMPLES! As many of you already know I love cake, ALOT. So the wedding cake was very important to me although not really as important to Casey James. "Can you just make sure it tastes plain?" I finally found out this means no chocolate and no off the wall fillings. The two cake samples Casey's parents lugged all the way from California came from Timothy's Bakery in Woodland, California and River City Cake Company in Elk Grove, California.

We had thought that Timothy's would be the only cake we would be tasting this was not the case though. A few days before Casey's parents were scheduled to come out I set up a time for cake samples to be picked up from the bakery both chocolate and vanilla with raspberry were selected. However, when the group consisting of my Grandma, Casey's Mom Brenda, and Casey's Aunt Fran all arrived at the bakery and nothing was ready for them. After almost an hour of waiting they left with 2 small frozen cakes and a photo copied brochure. I think my grandma called me the second she walked in the door and told me there was no way that was "the cake place" and still (almost a week later) is talking about that photocopied brochure!

Luckily, Brenda called as they were having lunch and asked about the bakery I had called in Elk Grove. Casey and I were out of town shopping so after thinking of the name I was goggling the phone number on my trusty sidekick phone. Once I called a super friendly guy named Patrick answered and said he could have a sample plate ready for Brenda and Fran to pick up as soon as they wanted. I was shocked and when I tasted the cake I was shocked and in love. The cake was amazing! Every single piece was gone by that night! I cannot wait to go in see and see them to design the cake (and eat some more of course!)