Thursday, September 17, 2009

The rings...

Who knew I would care so much about wedding rings, I honestly don't know if there is anything else for the wedding that has made me more nervous... Here is the story of our rings which probably isn't really that nerve wracking.

Casey gave me my engagement ring almost two years ago while watching the yule log in my downtown apartment and it was exactly what I wanted. I honestly think that ring really fit the city living girl I was when Casey bought it for me.

Here is my original ring:

Fast forward to almost two years later... One of my kiddos from work and I stopped by the jewelery store to get my ring cleaned and within the first few seconds in the store he had fallen in love with one of the rings in the case. The problem was I fell in love as well and once he said "lissa that a beautiful crystal" I knew I had to at least have Casey look at it. The only problem was that I didn't want to just shove my original ring back in its box and forget about it. Luckily our amazing jeweler was able to come up with a plan to use every bit of my original ring to create a new wedding set.

and so became my new engagement ring:

The large center diamond was used from my old engagement ring and the original band will be reshaped into my wedding band.

The came the search for Casey's wedding band.

That dang ring has caused me to have nightmares.. Okay maybe it wasn't that bad but I have been super nervous about making sure that I chose the "right" ring. After much looking and then a nervous "commit to buy" click Casey's ring has been ordered.

It is a titanium band but has a rosewood interior. Doesn't that interior just make you think of a manly lumberjack, or ice road trucker, or a hunting guide?

Perfect if you ask me.


  1. Okay.....1 your new ring is gorgeous and I'm way jealous!
    2.... where did you order his ring from, because I'm pretty sure my guy would love it.

  2. I love that rosewood interior, it is really handsome!

  3. Kmattso2: I cannot believe that I did not share the seller of his ring in the post! His ring was purchased from (my favorite site ever) and the seller is ZoeandDoyle. You can view all the rings in their amazing collection @

    Also so he doesn't feel left out my ring was purchased from Thomas Jeweler in Dillon, Montana