Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tie one on..

Casey and I have been looking at Mens Warehouse and think we have narrowed the tux choice down but, the ties are a whole different story. There are so many unique and amazing tie options! Which do you like?

Tie 1)

Okay so totally not for a wedding but I love it because it reminds me of the meat grinder Casey has.

Tie 2)

I love it but not so much Casey's style

Tie 4)

Who doesn't love a wish bone?

Tie 5)

This one is totally my favorite!


  1. All ties from Etsy seller ToyBreaker

  2. I was about to ask where they were from :)

  3. Although I think the pigs are hilarious, my favs are 4 and 5. Couldn't choose between the two :)

  4. I love tie #5 with the tree! So pretty!

  5. We love the number 5 tie in the black as well. Do you guys think all the boys should wear the same tie or the groom in tree tie and the other boys in plain black?

  6. I love the last tie! I also like the idea of the groom with the tree tie, and the others in plain black!

  7. Thanks for following my blog! So cool that you're a fellow Sacto bride!! I'm loving the wishbone ties, very sweet. :)