Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gifting the girl with the flowers.

I have been looking at gifts for my super lovely flower girl lately. Ms. Flower Girl was one of my first kiddo's at the 4th "R" Program I worked at in California and I can remember her little kindergarten face hiding behind mom her first day (over 2 years ago now!) She was and is the sweetest and most adorable little girl I have ever met in my life so of course she needs a gift as equally as awesome as she is. After looking at a few books little nick nacks I came along this:

Which can be purchased from:

I am totally buying Ms. Flower Girl something adorable from this site!! How will I ever choose though a tutu, a beanie, a headband, all of the above? Check back in a few weeks for a photo of the final product. XOXO


  1. Awww... Makes me wish I were having a flower girl! (We don't know too many kids around flower-girl age, so we won't be having one.)

  2. Our flower girl is in 2nd grade which I suppose is pushing the age limit but I love her and heck who cares if she is a bit taller than the boys she will still be adorable. And it gives me a reason to buy that tutu.