Monday, August 24, 2009

"You don't want a head table?"

Okay the truth is I think head tables are super awkward. I mean what about if a bridesmaid wants to bring her boyfriend or fiancee who am I to say sure bring him but he can't sit up here at the table with us. So strange to me. After looking it seems that there are three options

A) A head table: the bridal party hangs out at table in the front of the room together.

B) A sweetheart table: just the bride and groom sit together and cuddle. With all eyes only on them yeeps!

C) A kings or family table: where the table is set down the middle of the reception and not only the bridal party but close family and friends sit together as well.

Okay the family table is by far my favorite choice and Casey James loves it as well. What option do you think is the best?


  1. Keep in mind that if you go w/ a Kings table, conversation will be difficult. We were thinking of doing that too, but the truth is, you can really only talk to the people immediately around you. Why not just add seats for the significant others of the bridal party to the head table?

  2. I'm not too keen on a head table, either. Especially if it's facing the guests (like most are). I really don't want anyone watching me eat awkwardly :) I like the idea of a family table.

  3. I love the sweetheart table - but Loverboy and I are definitely ones who enjoy being in the limelight...and a head table is definitely out because his groomsmen are in serious relationships as well as some of my bridesmaids ... and of course they're not together! The family table sounds nice, too - I went to a wedding where the wedding party was scattered throughout and the bride and groom sat with family...

  4. We thought about a sweet heart too but had the same problems alishaneva! I cannot imagine sitting there with people watching us eat the whole time. The bridal party has members who are not only in a relationship but are fathers as well so I think a family style table is the best for us.

  5. I think head tables are awkward too, and I've never heard of the King's table before, what a cool idea!

  6. I know exactly what you're saying about a head table being awkward! We are definitely going with a sweetheart table for our reception so that our bridesmaids/groomsmen are able to sit with their significant others!